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Write what you know, they say. Well, after years of teaching, working on film sets, traveling, and living my best life, I decided to do just that. These novels were inspired by what I experienced, advice from others, and stories that needed to be told. 

aunty says, get a life

While many may think living in the Virgin Islands is a dream come true, to Carys Craine, it’s a nightmare. Crippled by a newfound fear that her family and friends can’t seem to understand, Carys is determined to turn a near-death experience into a truly enhanced life.

“…a real life story line…”
Amazon Review


“…A real treat for coming of age enthusiasts…”
Amazon Review


“…an uplifting and inspirational book about making the most of life…”
Amazon Review


Remembering the past three years of her life comes easily for 18 year-old Neviah, all except for the reason why she’s now in the hospital. Through her memories, Nev believes she can uncover the truth about what happened to her, how her boyfriend disappeared, and why her family is unraveling. If only she can keep these details from those who seek to use them against her.

“Wow! This is a fantastic book. I couldn’t put it down.”
Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


“This is a great choice for YA audiences and adults alike. I highly recommend this read.”
Amazon Review


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even after reading it for the second time!”
Amazon Review


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